Carrie Jones

BAR HARBOR—Town Clerk Liz Graves sent a media alert out today, Monday, February 20 in hopes of making sure that the public knows that there will be a public meeting at 5:30 p.m. this Thursday at the town Municipal Building. The forum will not be broadcast or streamed.

The meeting is with bond advisor Joseph Cuetara. The focus is on the town’s bond position and upcoming bond sales.

Voters could potentially vote on the Conners Emerson reconstruction project and resulting bond this June.

According to Investopia,

“Municipal bonds come in the following two varieties:

  • general obligation bonds
  • revenue bonds

“General obligation bonds, issued to raise immediate capital to cover expenses, are supported by the taxing power of the issuer. Revenue bonds, which are issued to fund infrastructure projects, are supported by the income generated by those projects. Both types of bonds are tax-exempt and particularly attractive to risk-averse investors due to the high likelihood that the issuers will repay their debts.”

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