Bar Harbor Races Set

11 Running for Town Council, 8 Vie for Warrant Committee


APR 14, 2023


BAR HARBOR—Candidates for town offices had until Friday, April 14 at 5 p.m. to turn in papers in order for their names to be on the June 13 ballot.

The following offices will be elected by the voters at the June town election:

  • Bar Harbor Town Council                           Three seats – three-year term
  • Bar Harbor Town Council                           One seat – two-year term
  • Superintending School Committee              Two seats – three-year term
  • MDI High School Trustee                           One seat – three-year term
  • Warrant Committee                                     Five seats – three-year term


There are two different terms available and a total of four seats up for grabs in the seven-member Town Council. The seats that are available are those of Valerie Peacock, Erin Cough, and Jill Goldthwait.

There is also a two-year seat available because of Councilor Jeff Dobbs’ resignation. 

Those who have returned papers include:

Two-year term (one available):

Brooke “Zana” Blomquist,

Earl Brechlin,

Keith Goodrich,

Charles Sidman.

Full Term (three available):

Maya Caines,

Erin Cough,

Gary “Bo” Jennings,

Cosmo Nims,

Valerie Peacock,

Kyle Shank,

Nathan Young.


For the Superintending School Committee (Conners Emerson School) it’s Misha Mytar and Robin Sue Tapley whose spots are available. Tapley is not running again. Mytar had been appointed to the committee this year to fill out a resigning member’s remaining term. That was Dwayne Bolt. Michael Kiers has also taken out papers for a seat.

Mytar and Kiers both returned papers for the two available three-year spots.


For the Warrant Committee, the five members up for reelection are Carol Chappell, Kevin DesVeaux, Allison Sasner, Secretary Christine Smith, and Bethany Reece.

Those who will be on the ballot are (five available):

Carol Chappell,

Julia Cuchelo,

Kevin DesVeaux,

Shaun Farrar,

Elizabeth Lemire,

Allison Sasner,

Christine Smith,

Diwas Thapa.


No one is running for the high school board of trustees.

There are also numerous board and committee vacancies. To start the application process candidates must fill out, sign, and return the Boards and Committees Application to the town clerk.

Disclosure: Shaun Farrar is my husband and contributes to this news blog.

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