Bar Harbor Police Log

Bar Harbor Man Receives Plea Deal for Kidnapping Case, Russell Still at Large, Carbon Monoxide Issues in Downtown Residence

Shaun Farrar

BAR HARBOR—The Bar Harbor Fire Department responded to Edgewood Street last Thursday, March 2, for a furnace malfunction, which increased carbon monoxide levels in the house.

Bar Harbor man receives plea deal over 2018 kidnapping case

Both the Bangor Daily News and Mount Desert Islander report that Thomas Owen Alley, 59, pled no contest this week to six charges that are due to a 2018 kidnapping case in Orland.  

According to Bill Trotter’s article,

“Thomas Owen Alley, 59, was charged with four counts of kidnapping and 11 other charges after he allegedly attacked a woman he knew in Orland more than four years ago. He was accused of choking the woman until she passed out and then threatening her with a handgun, according to court documents.

“All four kidnapping charges, which are Class A felonies, and several misdemeanors were dismissed Monday as part of a plea deal with the Hancock County district attorney’s office. In exchange, Alley pleaded no contest to six other charges, including the felonies of aggravated assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and criminal restraint with a dangerous weapon.

“Alley was indicted in April 2019 on the charges, all of which pertain to different aspects of the Nov. 6, 2018, incident at a home overlooking Toddy Pond in Orland. Over a period of roughly three hours, Alley allegedly attacked the woman, threatened her with a gun and then detained her, police said.”

The article in the Mount Desert Islander, written by the Ellsworth American’s Jennifer Osborn writes that divorce discussions were occurring at the time of the incident. The sentencing has not yet occurred.

Russell Still Evading Police

Jacob Russell has not yet been captured by law enforcement and is considered at large. Russell and police were both involved in a high-speed chase on February 16. Russell drove a vehicle that he allegedly stole from a property in Southwest Harbor.  He also allegedly pushed an officer from the Southwest Harbor Police Department on February 14.

The following incidents occurred in Bar Harbor last week according to the Bar Harbor police log, which is publicly released information.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Officer Troy Stanwood took a report of a broken car window.

Officer Chris Dickens spoke to an individual about suspicious tree cutting on their property. An investigation determined that it was a utility company doing line maintenance.

Officer Dickens issued a criminal trespass warning to an individual on behalf of a Bar Harbor business.

Officer Elias Burne conducted a wellbeing check on an individual.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Officer Caleb Mora received a motor vehicle complaint that was deemed to be unfounded.

Lt. Kevin Edgecomb assisted a Bar Harbor resident with a personal matter.

Officer Stanwood took a report of a bounced check. The investigation is ongoing.

Officer Jerrod Hardy provided the victim of identity theft with resources.

Officer Dickens mediated a neighbor dispute regarding parking on High St and provided the involved parties with possible solutions.

Officer Dickens responded to a report of a vehicle that had slid off of the roadway at the intersection of Route 3 and Route 102.

Liam McKernan, 16, of Bar Harbor, was operating a 2014 Honda Accord and traveling west on Eagle Lake Road when the vehicle slid off the roadway due to road conditions. The vehicle sustained front end damage but McKernan was not injured.

Sgt. Doug Brundrett fielded a call from a downtown business owner informing the police department that they were having a vehicle removed from their private parking lot because it was impeding snow removal.

The police department received a complaint about the operation of a motor vehicle that was in Trenton but heading towards Bar Harbor. The vehicle was located by a Bar Harbor officer who spoke with the operator.

A Bar Harbor resident called the police department to report that he had lost their keys on Main Street earlier in the day.

A local restaurant found some misplaced property and called the police department to have an officer pick it up.

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Officer Judson Cake took a late report of a motor vehicle accident.

Maxwell Karlin, 23, of Bar Harbor, was operating a 2009 Ford pickup truck and traveling west on the Crooked Road when his vehicle slid off the roadway due to road conditions. The vehicle suffered reportable, functional damage but Karlin was not injured.

A town employee came into the police department to report vandalism to a couple of pieces of town-owned property.

Officer Hardy conducted a wellbeing check on an individual who was taken into protective custody and taken to MDI Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

A woman turned a black iPhone into the police department. The phone had been found on Maple Avenue and the owner could not be located. The phone was placed into lost and found.

A woman called the police department to let them know that she had lost her keys at a downtown business last week.

Thursday, March 02, 2023

Officer Mora assisted a juvenile male who reported being the victim of an internet scam after sending an explicit photo. Officer Mora advised the juvenile on the subject of internet safety.

Officer Tim Bland assisted with a non-criminal matter.

Officer Stanwood responded to a report of a vehicle off the roadway on Eagle Lake Road but could not locate the vehicle upon arrival.

Officer Stanwood witnessed a vehicle slide off the roadway due to road conditions and into the median at the intersection of Eagle Lake Road and Cromwell Harbor Road. There was no damage to the vehicle and no injuries. Officer Stanwood helped push the vehicle back onto the roadway.

Officer Stanwood came across another vehicle that had slid off the roadway due to road conditions at the intersection of Eagle Lake Road and Cromwell Harbor Road. There was no damage to the vehicle and no injuries. The vehicle was towed by a tow truck back onto the roadway.

Adam Serotzki, no age given, of Australia, was operating a 2022 Ford Expedition northbound on Route 3 when he started to slow for the traffic light at the head of the island. The vehicle slid off the roadway due to road conditions, crossing the oncoming traffic lane and slid off the roadway into the trees. The vehicle sustained reportable damage to the front end, but Serotzki was not injured.

Ayana Petrillo, 24, of Bernard, was operating a 2008 Subaru Forester westbound on Eagle Lake Road during a snowstorm. There was another vehicle stuck on a hill and Petrillo had to swerve to avoid the stuck vehicle, causing Petrillo’s vehicle to slide off the roadway and into a ditch. The vehicle sustained minor damage to the front bumper but Petrillo was not injured. A tow truck pulled Petrillo’s vehicle back onto the roadway.

Sgt. Leigh Guildford’s police vehicle was parked on Eagle Lake Road with its emergency lights on at a crash scene. Sgt. Guildford was inside of the police vehicle when it was struck by another vehicle from behind. Both Sgt. Guildford and the operator of the other vehicle were taken to MDI Hospital. The crash was investigated by the Southwest Harbor Police Department.

Officer Burne responded to a vehicle that had slid off the roadway due to road conditions on Norway Drive. The vehicle was towed back onto the roadway by a tow truck and there was no damage or injuries.

Stephen S. LaBelle, 55, of Bar Harbor was operating a 2017 Chevy Silverado westbound on Millbrook Road, plowing snow, when his vehicle slid off the roadway due to road conditions. The vehicle suffered damage to the passenger side but LaBelle was not injured.

Sgt. Soren Sundberg responded to a report of a potential snowmobile crash, but upon arrival and investigation, it did not appear as though a crash had taken place. The snowmobile operator had gotten the machine stuck in deep snow but was able to pull it free.

Friday, March 03, 2023

Officer Mora responded to vehicles that were impeding snow removal. The vehicles were moved.

Officer Hardy arrested Timothy O’Brien, 63, of Bar Harbor for allegedly operating under the influence. O’Brien was transported to the Hancock County Jail.

Officer Liam Harrington responded to a noise complaint.

Saturday, March 04, 2023

Officer Burne arrested Melanie S. Jackson, age 64, of Bar Harbor, for alleged domestic violence assault and violation of conditions of release.

Officer Mora investigated a report of an alleged violation of a protection order that took place in another jurisdiction but determined that no violation took place.

Officer Cake investigated a parking complaint issue and the owner of the vehicle moved it.

Officer Cake took a report of an unsecured door in town and found all of the doors in the area to be secured.

An officer responded to a parking complaint in the area of Bloomfield Road and the owner later moved the vehicle.

Officer Dickens checked on a vehicle that had slid off the road in the area of the Otter Cliffs Road and Phoenix lane intersection.

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Officer Cake investigated a motor vehicle complaint but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Officer Harrington took a report of a suspicious person in town.

Officer Dickens responded to a report of a dog that ran away in Hulls Cove.


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