Delve into Solar Grids, Old Blizzards, and Wyrd

Jesup Memorial Library offers trio of events

Carrie Jones

BAR HARBOR—Courage. Survival. Climate. Words. A trio of events at the Jesup Memorial Library offer something for those who want to learn more about Maine, about story, and about words.

Thursday, February 24, 7 p.m. CATHIE PELLETIER

First up is an author talk with Cathie Pelletier. She will discuss her book, Northeaster: A Story of Courage and Survival in the Blizzard of 1952.

According to the Simon and Schuster website,

Northeaster: A Story of Courage and Survival in the Blizzard of 1952is a vivid and gripping story of an epic Maine snowstorm that tested the very limits of human endurance. It weaves together a rich cast of characters whose lives were uprooted and endangered by the storm. Housewives and lobstermen, loggers and soldiers were all trapped as snow piled in drifts twenty feet high. The storm smothered hundreds of travelers in their cars, covered entire towns, and broke ships in half. In the midst of the blizzard’s chaos, there were remarkable acts of heroism and courageous generosity. Doctors braved the storm to help deliver babies. Ordinary people kept their wits while buried in their cars, and others made their way out of forests to find kind-hearted strangers willing to take them in.” 

Pelletier was born and raised on the banks of the St. John River, at the end of the road in Northern Maine. She is the author of twelve novels, including The Funeral Makers (a New York Times Notable Book), The Weight of Winter (winner of the New England Book Award) and Running the Bulls (winner of the Paterson Prize for Fiction). As K.C. McKinnon, she has written two novels, both of which became television films.

This event is co-sponsored by Sherman’s Books and copies of Pelletier’s book will be on sale that night as well as at any of their stores or online at

Please register to attend this hybrid program either in person or on Zoom. Register at or email

Thursday, March 2, 5:30 p.m. A Climate To Thrive

A Climate to Thrive will host a discussion on the Maine Grid and Solar Energy at the Jesup.

A Climate to Thrive’s Executive Director Johannah Blackman and its Solar Coordinator Beth Woolfolk will talk about how a critical component of successfully transitioning off fossil fuels and building a climate-friendly and extreme-weather-resistant energy future is our electrical grid. Currently, the transition to renewable energy is hitting significant roadblocks when it comes to the grid here in Maine. Issues with interconnecting solar projects to the electrical grid and the crippling impact of these roadblocks on local solar will be discussed as well as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

This event is a hybrid program and registration is required to attend either in person or on Zoom. Register at or email The event is also co-hosted by A Climate to Thrive, Northeast Harbor Library, Jesup Memorial Library, and the Southwest Harbor Public Library.

Thursday, March 2, 7 p.m. Matthew Ash McKernan

Matthew Ash McKernan will discuss his book Wyrdcraft: Healing Self & Nature through the Mysteries of the Fates.

In Wyrdcraft, McKernan guides readers through a process of attuning to wyrd as it manifests within all the domains of your life, teaching you how to sense and intuit the ways of wyrd more clearly than ever before.

Join Ash for an experiential inquiry into the nature of wyrd, the process of wyrdcraft, and the cultivation of wyrd consciousness—an awareness that is naturally revealing, healing, transformative, and becoming. Becoming what, you may ask?  You will see as you attune to the wisdom of wyrd and experience the emergence of wyrd’s natural healing-magic first-hand.

Matthew Ash McKiernan (he/him) is a licensed psychotherapist, eco therapist, bard, naturalist, and wireworker. He has degrees in anthropology and counseling psychology and loves to spend time at the crossroads where psyche, nature, magic, and healing intersect. Ash lives in Mount Desert, Maine

This event is a hybrid program and registration is required to attend either in person or on Zoom. Register at or email

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