Giving Joy One Rose At A Time

YWCA Celebrates International Women’s Day

BAR HARBOR—Jackie Davidson’s days are devoted to promoting the MDI YWCA’s mission of “eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.” But some of the ways that she gets to do that are a little more joyous than others. The rose sale for International Women’s Day is one of those more joyous ways.

“First, it brings International Women’s Day up as a day to remember and recognize how much impact women have had on society – beyond having babies!” Davidson said.

image via International Women’s Day

The MDI YWCA’s eighth International Women’s Day Rose Sale is meant to celebrate the women in your life. The roses are persimmon, the unifying color of all YWCAs in the U.S..

The MDI YWCA is the only YWCA left in Maine that still offers housing, and it shelters approximately 125 women every year. According to its website, “Our lodging is subsidized to continue keeping it affordable for the low-income, the vulnerable, and seasonally employed women who are racially and ethnically underrepresented.”

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally

image via International Women’s Day


Image from past women’s business symposium at YWCA. Photo: Carrie Jones

It’s also a local and personal celebration for Davidson.

“The roses, for me, provide an opportunity to—for a fairly small investment of money—let a woman we know that she is important.  Having delivered the roses, I have seen the faces of women when they receive one.  It gives me joy,” she said.     

Roses cost $5 each.

Women’s business symposium. Hosted by YWCA. Photo: Carrie Jones


Online orders will need to be placed by March 1st. For bulk orders (over a dozen) please contact Abby at 207-288-5008. Order online: or at

From its website, the MDIY WCA “welcomes women of all ages to participate in programs which:

  • Provide affordable accommodations
  • Encourage growth and development
  • Promote self-confidence and pride
  • Provide educational opportunities for and about women
  • Assist women to attain economic and political influence and leadership in our community.”Image from past holiday gifting experience hosted and organzied by the YWCA. Photo: Carrie Jones


shallow focus photography of bouquet of pink flower in white bucket
Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

To support the YWCA MDI by donating or volunteering, visit

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