Local Mom Collecting Pledges to Build a Fence Around Town Hill Playground

Reaches goal of $5k this weekend

TOWN HILL—Some local parents are doing what they can to make the Town Hill Playground a little bit safer.

“Town Hill Playground is nestled between two active parking lots and is less than 100 yards from busy ME-102. Without near-constant vigilance, a child could be seconds away from major injury. By building a fence, we can prevent an accident from happening,” said Emily Anne Pepper.

The moms and dads that go to the Town Hill Playground with their children can tell you about one close call after another at the site located on Rt 102 between the Camden National Bank and the Town Hill Fire Station.

“As a mom utilizing this wonderful playground that caters to all ages, I find myself always looking around to make sure no child is wandering unattended,” Pepper said. “My hopes in building this fence is to keep our children safe as they enjoy the wonderful exercise, fresh air, and socialization that Town Hill Playground offers.”

Kristina King, another local parent, said, “I am really excited about this project—such a great idea for keeping the kiddos safe while giving them a little more independence and free rein.”

Pepper said she’s had a lot of support. This weekend she hit $5,000, raising half her goal after posting on Facebook the end of last week. Now that the money is raised, she’ll inform the Village Improvement Society. A licensed landscape architect will then make a plan for the VIS, which will be sent to the Bar Harbor Parks & Recreation Committee for approval.

Perry Moore, vice president of the Town Hill Village Improvement Society, an all-volunteer board, said the group will move the project forward now that the pledges are secured. He said the group has several large projects on its plate including upkeep on the Town Hill Federated Church on the Crooked Road, the fire station’s leaking roof and preservation of an older portion of Mountain View cemetery that is in danger of weed tree infiltration.

The group has an upcoming bean supper fundraiser on Saturday, February 18, more details will be announced soon.

Pepper is still collecting pledges and can be reached at Scottemilyanne@gmail.com

To learn more about the Town Hill Village Improvement Society and help support its work check out the following links:


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