ACADIA NATIONAL PARK – Alex McCall and his family were in Acadia National Park on June 20 and ended up seeing more than Acadia’s gorgeous mountains, forests and crashing surf. They were just hanging out being tourists in the mid afternoon around 3:20 p.m. when they heard some jets in the sky in Acadia National Park just a bit away from Sand Beach.

Alex McCall’s video

The family had just left Thunder Hole and his daughter, a school teacher, tried to capture some video possibly because his grandson, who you can hear on the video’s audio, “likes jets.”

What they caught wasn’t what he expected and now the video has gone a bit viral especially in the UK.

Alex says on the video of his YouTube comments:

“We were on vacation in Maine. We had just visited thunder hole in Acadia National Park. There were dozens of not hundreds of people around. My kids and grand kids saw it and then heard it. My daughter got her phone out and on and pointed in the right direction but couldn’t tell if she was getting video of it. She stopped when she couldn’t see them any longer. There are several comments by other witnesses that said they saw or heard them. On person said his mom got good video of it. Nobody was talking about it in the park. You just don’t know anyone and you’re not that close to each other.”

In the six-second video, two jets move into the cloud immediately after a small, glowing white object that some believe is a tic-tac UFO while others think it’s an optical illusion.

And it’s not the first-time UFOs have been reported on MDI.

In a 2013 article by Robert Levin for the Ellsworth American, he writes,

“Chong Lim, his wife Judi and several friends were on a Great Cranberry Island porch around 10:30 p.m. when they noticed several strange lights moving in the sky to the north.

“We saw four round-shaped, orange-colored objects that were traveling from Cadillac Mountain toward Duck Island,” Lim said.

The orange lights were apparently emitting a low, vibrating sound, Lim said. He has been asking other area residents if they saw anything, but so far has not found any corroborating reports.

His group was not especially eager to believe in the UFO theory, but after talking about it for a while, they could settle on nothing else, he said.”

A February 2021 article from Boston.com by Dialynn Dwyer reports that since 1946 there have been 1,000 reports of UFOs in Maine. And declassified CIA documents call it a hotspot.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Alex is convinced that what they saw is a tic-tac UFO.

A Facebook group called UNEXPLAINED MAINE has several posts about UFO and cryptid sightings on Mount Desert Island that you might want to check out.

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