Bar Harbor Police Log

Covering the week of April 17


BAR HARBOR—On Saturday, April 22, the Bar Harbor Police Department received a report of a possible family fight. Officer Ted Cake responded and after investigating the complaint, discovered that Jakob Gregory, 22, of Stockton Springs, had an active arrest warrant for theft. Jakob was arrested for the warrant and was subsequently summonsed for alleged unlawful possession of a schedule “W” drug (heroin, greater that 200 milligrams), which is a class “C” felony charge.

The following incidents occurred in Bar Harbor last week according to the Bar Harbor police log, which is publicly released information.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Officer Caleb Mora took a noise complaint which appeared to be caused by a garbage truck which is not a violation of the town’s noise ordinance.

A subject reported littering to Officer Mora but could not identify a possible offender, so the complainant was advised to dispose of the litter.

Officer Troy Stanwood responded to a medical emergency in Bar Harbor and stood by with the patient until Mount Desert Fire and Rescue arrived.

Officer Elias Burne assisted a citizen at the citizen’s request.

Officer Chris Dickens investigated a report of suspicious activity at a local business.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

A Bar Harbor business reported a burglary which is under investigation by Officer Mora.

Officer Tim Bland changed a flat tire.

A male subject came into the police department to report having lost his passport.

Officer Bland assisted with a noncriminal matter.

Joyce Fortier-King, 71, of Franklin was operating a 2017 Subaru southbound on Eden St. Allegedly, Fortier-King’s vehicle crossed the centerline striking a 2023 Audi which was being operated northbound by Heather Dunbar, 64, of Jackson, SC. Both operators were injured in the crash and both vehicles had to be towed from the scene. There were no other vehicle occupants listed.

The police department was notified of low hanging wires on School Street and then notified Versant Power.

The police department took a motor vehicle complaint in the area of Main Street and West Street, but officers could not locate the suspect vehicle.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Officer Mora investigated a suspicious vehicle at a closed business. The occupant of the vehicle was an employee of the closed business.

Sgt. Leigh Guildford took a complaint of speeding vehicles on Eden Street.

Officer Stanwood received information regarding a protection order.

Officer Stanwood assisted a resident with getting their dogs back after the dogs escaped their fenced in yard.

Officer Stanwood located some apparently lost property on State Route 3.

Officer Jerrod Hardy responded to a complaint passed on by the state police of a motor vehicle operating erratically in Trenton, heading to Bar Harbor. The vehicle could not be located.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Sgt. Guildford, acting on a request from MDI Hospital, located a subject who had left the hospital and was able to convince them to return to the hospital.

Officer Theodore Cake took a report of disorderly conduct that after an investigation turned out to be unsubstantiated.

Diwas Thapa, 34, of Bar Harbor was attempting to pull a 2016 GMC Sierra into a parking space on Rodick Place when his vehicle allegedly struck a 2014 Subaru Forester that was already parked. There were no reported injuries and minor damage to both vehicles.

Acting on a complaint of an intoxicated person driving on Main Street, Officer Hardy located Edwin D. Peake, 56, of Mount Desert. After investigating, Officer Hardy arrested Peake for alleged operating under the influence and also summonsed him for alleged operating without a license in violation of a condition. Peake was processed at and bailed from the Bar Harbor Police Department.

Richard Smith, 62, (town of residence not listed) was operating a 1997 Ford dump truck with an allegedly unsecured load of stone. A large amount of the stone came out of the dump truck and damaged a 2019 Ford Transit operated by John Vreeland, 53, (town of residence not listed). Vreeland’s vehicle was damaged by the stone, but there were no reported injuries.

Courtney Keep, 61, of Vermont, was backing up a vehicle (no description given) that they were operating out of a parking spot at Hannaford’s at the same time that Gautam Sabnis, 34, of Bar Harbor, was backing up a vehicle (no description given) that they were operating out of a parking spot. The two vehicles made contact which caused moderate damage but no reported injuries.

An identification card was turned into the police department. A police department employee was able to contact the owner of the identification card. That person said they would come retrieve it.

Officer Stanwood received information pertinent to another agency’s case.

Officer Hardy responded to a report of a vehicle stuck on the sand bar to Bar Island. A good Samaritan had pulled the stuck vehicle out before Officer Hardy arrived.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Officer T. Cake responded to a parking issue. The owner was notified of the complaint and moved the vehicle.

Officer T. Cake is investigating a report of suspicious activity.

Officer Hardy assisted with a civil matter regarding a child custody exchange.

Officer Burne took a report of an animal problem and is investigating the complaint.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Officer Amie Torrey took a report from a woman who said she was locked out of her apartment. Night security for the building was available to let her back into her apartment.

Pursuant to a 911 call, Officer Judson Cake assisted a subject who had locked themselves out of their vehicle.

Officer J. Cake assisted with a child exchange.

Officer Stanwood responded to a loose dog complaint.

Joseph Alex, 70, of Old Town, was attempting to parallel park a 2011 Honda Odyssey on West Street when he allegedly hit a previously parked 2022 Subaru Impreza in the spot behind the one he was trying to park in. The damage was reportable, but there were no reported injuries.

Officer Mora responded to a motor vehicle complaint but could not locate the suspect vehicle.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Officer Mora conducted a property check after locating an open door at a local business.

Officer Kaleb Payson received some information that was being passed onto the Bar Harbor Police Department.

Officer J. Cake with a subject about their bail conditions.

Some lost property that had been turned into the police department was returned to its owner.

The police department received information about a subject on Bar Island who may have needed assistance. The police department notified Acadia National Park. The subject was later located and was all set.

Officer Liam Harrington took a report of a suspicious vehicle in town.

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