Glen Mary Wading Pool Meeting This Monday Open For Public Comment on Area’s Use and Design

Email Released So Those Who Can’t Attend Can Express Opinions As Well

BAR HARBOR—The Parks and Recreation Committee will hold a special meeting Monday, December 19 at 4:30 P.M. to hear public comment about the Glen Mary Wading Pool’s future. For those who can’t attend the meeting but still want the committee to know their thoughts and ideas, there is an email that has just been created by the town and released Friday.

According to Communication Coordinator Maya Caines, “The Parks and Rec Committee will accept public comment for Monday’s meeting through or during their public comment period.”

The pool did not open this year because the pool’s subterranean piping system needed to be replaced. Because of the swampy characteristics of the site, the pipes that feed into the wading pond have been compromised, which creates infiltration from outside water.

A final design for Glen Mary’s wading pool and adjoining areas has not yet been approved by the town. The funds to do the work have doubled thanks to a matching donation to the Bar Harbor Village Association’s November $50,000 donation for the work.

Bar Harbor Village Association Secretary Kim Swan told Parks and Recreation Committee members earlier this month, ““We want to just get this going. We hope that the $100,000 gives it a little kick.”

The project has been held up because of a lease agreement between the town of Bar Harbor and the Bar Harbor Village Association (VIA), which owns the property.

While the VIA will fund at least part of the reconstruction project, the town would be in charge of the construction and approving the design. Sketch plans from Mike Rogers and Lark Studios have not been approved by the town. The Parks and Recreation Committee said earlier this month that it hopes that there will be a concept plan with a few alternatives for people to react to.


Monday, December 19, 4:30 P.M.

Council Chambers (top floor), Bar Harbor Municipal Building, Cottage Street


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BAR HARBOR—A design for the reconstruction of the Glen Mary wading pool and adjoining areas has not been approved yet. The questions of how big a wading pool might be and if a splash pad might also be built are still up in the air. However, the funds to do the work have doubled thanks to a matching $50,000 donation to the Bar Harbor Village Association…

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